6 Reasons Why To Use WordPress

Feb 17, 2020

Many times, potential clients want recommendations on a platform for their website, and we recommend WordPress. However, a few people have recently asked us why we like it. After reading this, we hope to answer that question and get you to love it too.

The first thing to know is that WordPress is just a tool used by any other professional web team, same as Drupal, Squarespace, and Wix. We’ve done shopping carts in eCommerce tools like WooCommerce and Shopify.

That being said, we recommend WordPress. We’re going to tell you why, but we aren’t really comparing WordPress to anything. Every tool has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s the skill and creativity of the craftsman that makes the magic happen.

#1: Usability

There’s nothing worse than creating a fancy website complete with a customized backend only to find out your clients hate it or can’t use it. After switching to WordPress, we found that our clients update their sites a lot more frequently on their own.

#2: It Looks Good

Here at That Guy Sketch, we’re developers, but we’re also designers; and right now, WordPress has the most beautiful looking HTML5 and CSS3 backend. The HTML5 multiple file media uploader is a dream. It’s modern, clean, responsive, and it will make you want to update your site, as previously mentioned in Reason #1.

#3: The Clean Database

The WordPress database is the best we’ve seen from a CMS in these past years. It’s compact, intuitive, and it doesn’t change with every revision. If it ain’t broke, right?

#4: The Simple Install

It’s estimated that about 19% of the web runs on WordPress. In our experience, the reason is the same as the reason PHP is so popular: it’s free and easy to get started with the most straightforward install in the business.

#5: Reliable Updates

WordPress takes care of everything in one click. You will not be draining your marketing budget on software updates. Other platforms claim to do this, but you always click the button and hope everything is ok.

#6: It’s Does Way More Than You May Think

WordPress is not just a blog platform that you hack and turn into a regular website. This is a common misconception because wordpress.com is like Blogger, and a lot of old-timey blogs were in WordPress, but there’s another side to WordPress at wordpress.org, which has full CMS capabilities.

Everyone wants a blog. Every restaurant, tech company, and the real estate agent has one to take advantage of the long tail. The fact that WordPress contains a blog in its core is a feature, not a bug. Along with customizable themes, a plethora of plugins for added functionality, and continuous improvement, using WordPress can get you up and running with a website in a fraction of the time that coding one does.

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