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We’ll build a beautiful and converting website for your business that’s easy-to-use for your visitors and you. Let’s start your online foundation and tell your story.


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How we can help create your dream website!

In seconds, making a good first impression is everything, and your website is that first impression with any potential customer. We build sites to impress and convert. 

There are a lot of places you can go for a professional website, but we can deliver and support. That Guy Sketch does things differently. We have design and development teams, and we structure our offerings to help keep costs low and maintainable for the future. We’re also capable to handle hosting, security, backups, tech support, and more.

The Complete Package

Creating user-first experiences based on internet best practices, research, and usable design is the best way to achieve your return on investment.

User & Device-Friendly Design

The modern website design must serve multiple functions. It should be attention-grabbing, functional, engaging, and responsive to the way your users access the site.

On-brand Design. Your website should be beautiful, but the design that is right for your brand is unique to the message and look.

User-Centered Focused. It’s is all about the user experience, and the most captivating design in the world can’t compensate for an unusable site. We’ll make sure your site is attractive to look at AND easy to use.

Mobile-Friendly. With the use of mobile than laptops or desktop to access the internet, having a site that adapts to mobile viewing is critical. Every site we build is made with mobile in mind.

Professionally Built and Structured

A professionally built site ensures that the site is able to grow and scale along with technology, user habits, and your business.

Built right the first time. A solid foundation is crucial for creating a user-friendly site that can be adjusted over time.

Easily updated without code. An out-of-date website can be worse than no internet presence at all. Our WordPress sites are built with Divi as it’s backbone theme. It’s set up for you to be able to make updates without needing any technical expertise. Although, we do offer Managed Services.

Adaptable to evolve over time. This is essential in a fast-changing digital environment. We build sites to be scalable in the future as your goals and needs change.

Some of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will host my site?

That Guy Sketch hosts all client websites and your package comes with the first year of hosting included. We do this so we can deliver the best support to clients on a server configured especially for fast and secure WordPress websites. We have access to a 24/7 care team to help out with hardware and server configs, troubleshooting and more. Want to know about server specs or hosting plan? We’d be happy to answer your questions!

Do you provide hosting?

Yes! All sites built by That Guy Sketch are hosted by us. You can still have full access to the backend of your site (including SFTP) if you want that level of access. you also have the ability to transfer your hosting to us, check out our managed hosting plans.

I already have hosting. Can I stay with my current host?

We’ve partnered with a leading WordPress-only hosting company to ensure that you get the best service, hardware, performance, and security. To stand by the quality of our sites, we only build and maintain websites hosted by us. We are happy to migrate sites hosted elsewhere to our server.

Am I locked into a contract? What happens if I want to cancel my hosting service with you?

Your website will always be 100% yours. Should you ever wish to host it elsewhere, the website is yours to do with and move as you wish. That Guy Sketch does not lock Clients into a contract. The Client may cancel hosting services at any time. If on a monthly plan, the Client will be billed for the current month of cancellation. If on an annual plan, the Client will be prorated for months left in the billing cycle, minus the current billing month. Should the Client choose to cancel, the Client must submit a request to cancel via email to [email protected] The Client has two options after cancellation: (1) Client may stay on That Guy Sketch’s hosting and self-manage at the current rate on the Client’s chosen plan. The Client will have 30 days from the date of the cancellation notice to accept billing transfer initiated by That Guy Sketch. Or, (2) Should Client choose to migrate away from That Guy Sketch, Client will be responsible for any data migration, including but not limited to hiring and managing a developer to migrate the site to a new hosting platform.

Will my website be mobile-friendly? What about SEO and Analytics?

Responsive design, SEO and analytics are *essential* for your website strategy. Yes, your website will be device-friendly and your sitemap will be submitted to Google for SEO. We provide basic SEO setup, including proper page mapping for link tree search page display. We can help you figure out how to prioritize your SEO efforts and answer your questions about SEO. If you’re specifically looking to get on page 1 of Google or to use Ad Words, you’ll need to hire an SEO professional.

We will also set up your site on Google Analytics so you can see things like individual page views and how users interact with your site.

How does payment work?

We kindly ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit to book our time and 50% right before delivery of final files (but after final proofs so you can be sure everything is to your complete satisfaction.) We also have payment plans available. You’ll have the option to pay with a credit card or PayPal straight from the invoice.

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