Digital Experiences, Creatively Made

That Guy Sketch helps brands #LiveCreatively by aligning passion, purpose, and goals with the authentic brand, web, and content services.


We work closely with brands to put their best foot forward with captivating designs. Driven by a passion for uniqueness and aesthetics, we’ve designed icons, collateral, banners, and logos that reflect the brand and tell a story. We also work closely with brands to tell their stories with unique and captivating landing pages, inbound marketing methods, and paid advertising through Google and Bing.
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Don't drown in the details

A business has this amazing vision for the future and That Guy Sketch truly wants to take responsibility for doing the creative best of taking their web presence to the next level. Growing businesses often get stuck with:

  • Getting better & qualified clients through their website
  • Presenting an authentic brand to their visitors
  • Keeping up with updates and security
  • Drawing a clear picture of what to do next

Hire someone who understands.

A business’ website and brand should be designed to fit its vision and values. It’s absolutely possible to make that impact. The secret? Clarity. When an organization is very clear about where they are going, who they really are as a business, and who they serve, the rest becomes very simple. Finding someone on that understands this is key.

Making an authentic digital ecosystem is as easy as 1, 2, 3

We have the knowledge and the know-how to get you on the right path to success and we just take these simple steps.

1: Laying down the groundwork

Get really clear (and honest) on your “why” and your goals. Learn how to make the time you can never find.

2: Building your foundation

Create a framework for your digital ecosystem with a WordPress website, and a logo & branding  

3: Growing your business

Now you have a plan. You are confident. You know what to post, who to contact, how to grow. (Or let us do it for you.)