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9 Things That A Designer Needs to Start Their Career.

These are our top 9 picks that every designer should have in their creative arsenal to get the creative flow going. 1. Sketchbook This may seem obvious to some, but a sketchbook to me is the cornerstone of all design projects. It’s a place to gather your thoughts,...

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Why Should Companies Validate Their Ideas?

So you’ve come up with a new idea, Great! Thing is, not only do you have to figure out who your target market is, but you also have to validate it. Don’t base your “next best thing since sliced bread” off of instinct. Save yourself a future headache in the development...

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Why Use WordPress?

Many times, potential clients want recommendations on a platform for their website and we recommend WordPress. However, a few people have recently asked us why we like it. After reading this we hope to answer that question and get you to like it too. The first thing...

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